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We are never closed to private groups or open play, even if we have special events going on. You can come out and play anytime!

The UWL BIG GAME is designed to give you a small taste of true competition woodsball. While not a tournament, you have captains not generals and teams not "armies" you will have flag pull and retention goals throughout the 2 days of play. You will also be playing shoulder to shoulder with some of the all time greats of the woodsball game.

While our main goal is obviously to make sure everyone has a great time, we are also hoping you will get the itch to try a woodsball tournament in the near future.

So pick a side!

Bea Youngs
Bea has a wealth of tournament and BIG GAME experience, she knows how to win and have a blast doing it.

Kevin Donaldson
Kevin has been traveling the world playing in tournaments for nearly 30 years. He too knows what it takes to lead a team and in fact he won our last UWL BIG GAME.

If anyone would like to play a part you can contact us via email, call 708.418.3335 or message us on Facebook.

Pre register and you'll receive 5 raffle tickets for our BIG GAME raffle. There will be multiple winners so don't miss out on the the chance to save on entry and win some amazing prizes!

Pre Registration end the Wednesday before the event.

Day Of Admission
Registration 1 Day - $40
Registration 2 Days - $75

Red areas are fields in play during this UWL BIG GAME.


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Chicago, Illinois