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We are never closed to private groups or open play, even if we have special events going on. You can come out and play anytime!

STAR WARS: The Battle of Scarif The Battle of Scarif was the first major battle of the Galactic Civil War, marking the outbreak of open war between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

Prior to the battle, Alliance Intelligence intercepted information suggesting that renowned scientist Galen Erso was building an Imperial super weapon capable of destroying entire planets. Alliance leadership sent Galen Erso's daughter, Jyn Erso, and Captain Cassian Andor to learn more about her father's involvement, and their subsequent efforts saw the Alliance discover the existence of the Death Star, as well as a fatal flaw in the design placed there by Galen Erso.

Defying orders, Jyn Erso and Captain Andor led a small unit of Rebel soldiers, taking it upon themselves to infiltrate the heavily-guarded Citadel Tower base on Scarif to retrieve the Death Star plans. Under the callsign Rogue One, the unit infiltrated Scarif's planetary shield and proceeded to wage a guerrilla assault on the Citadel's outskirts, drawing away Imperial forces so that Andor, Erso, and the droid K-2SO could infiltrate the facility. Director Orson Krennic, the former commander of the Death Star, attempted to stop Erso and Andor from stealing the plans, but the heavily-outnumbered Rebels received support from the Alliance Fleet under Admiral Raddus, whose forces engaged the Imperial Star Destroyers above Scarif and worked to destroy the Shield Gate protecting the planet.

With the Shield Gate's destruction, Rogue One was able to transmit the stolen plans to the fleet above, though all remaining Rebel ground forces were eradicated by a low-powered blast from the newly-arrived Death Star that destroyed the Citadel and surrounding area.

If anyone would like to play a part you can contact us via email, call 708.418.3335 or message us on Facebook.

Pre register and you'll receive 5 raffle tickets for our BIG GAME raffle. There will be multiple winners so don't miss out on the the chance to save on entry and win some amazing prizes!

Pre Registration end the Wednesday before the event.
Pre Registration 1 Day - $28 Add to Cart
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